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Aarne Westerberg

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Jose Rosas, Production  

is known, as the “Shoeman”, he was almost born in the shoe production, he worked in several factories, as a line of production manager such as KYAIA - Fortunato O. Frederico, Lda,   in 1999 he joined VAGABOND to work in Sweden at their office,  until 2007, as the shoe man, Ze made the assembly of all the samples made in Sweden, by Vagabond, also in Vagabond he has  travelled all over the world, making production control. In Romania, India, China and Vietnam , in 2007 another Swedish Brand TEN POINTS asked him to join work for them, and he starts a 2007 until 2009, when we decided to create our own company  Cross Again  Controle and continue with the development and control of Ten Points, until end of 2016

Alberto Figueiredo, Adminstration

I have worked at shoe factory since 1987, in a boots factory Calsuper at Sao João da Madeira area in Portugal, until 2005, I have start as a production person, until I have ended as a commercial manager.  In 2005 the Boss of Ten Points (Sweden), invite me, to work, at their company in Portugal, to help him in the issue of prices (as I have the knowledge of prices, was my job before during almost 10 years)  and control production, that’s why I have been in Mumbai and Agra in India (several times controlling production), I have worked  here until 2009, when the boss of Ten POINTS has sold the brand, we decide to create our own company “Cross Again Controle” and continue with the development and control of Ten Points, until end of 2016.

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Aarne Westerberg, Design & Sales, Ceo  Idomore Oy aawe design in Finland

since 1996

Theorema Scandinavia Ab Country manager/agent  7 Years until may 2018.

Ten Points Ab Country manager/agent 17 år

LT-Skor Oy CEO 6 Years

Mannergruppen 1982-87 Export Manager

Call 00358 50 527 99 56

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